Sunday, December 30, 2007

SDHC What?

For those of you who don't know, any SD memory card over 2GB is considered SDHC (High capacity). This is relevant because only SD Card Readers that are SDHC Compatible will read these cards. SO while you MAY be able to take 10 thousand picture before filling your memory card, don't ever, ever, ever,ever lose the cable to your camera or plan on buying a compatible reader in another country (This is the reason why no pictures are uploaded yet).

It Continues: Day 2

Day 2 in Pairs:
Apartment no longer feels to claustrophobic (As much). This small place is starting to grow on my, its ornate and cute. I actually fit in the shower, and the bathroom is big actually a decent size, not that I think about it, it's a little bit bigger than our bathroom back home.

Best Crep in Paris : Nutella + Banana = BIG SMILEY FACE. This probably the best street food you could ever get after a really nice meal.

If you are ever stuck in Paris with no clothes (or very few) I have the place for you to go. Being that this is the fashion capital of the world, and most outfits (Shirt , Pants, Etc) cost more than most Americans are willing to spend (This is the land of 90 Euro T-Shirts).
However, if you have to buy a clothes then C&A is the place! Think of this as the Target of Pairs for clothes. L&G decided to go here to repurchase there Wardrobe (That Air France lost) and was able to get a really good deal on quite a few outfits. I have to say I was impressed with the place.
Fast forward to last night:
We decided to eat at one of my Favorite Dinners in Pairs. Although I'm not completely sure what the name is (Ever diner is Paris is La barssaire) , I've always referred to it as " the one next to the Eiffel Tower." We decided to take L&G back to this wonderfully holly land of a restaurants, and we were not disappointed in the least. Comically, L&G and Enj & Myself all had similar dinners. We all had the Veal Escalope with Escargot, a Picket of Wine, creme brulee and coffee. It was absolutely amazing.
After dinner we decided to stroll over to the Eiffel Tower and take some pictures during the light shows. Lynn decided to haggle with one of the guys selling Eiffel Tower Memorabilia. Lynn was able to get the item for half of the asking pricing, and now is caring around a 3ft tall Eiffel tower replica (Well maybe not 3ft tall).

Friday, December 28, 2007

It Begins! Paris - Day 1

We're finally here!!! For those of you who do not know, today marks the beginning of our vacation in Pairs. We arrived in CDG Airport this morning at around 8am Local Time. After sitting on the run way , after landing, for about 25 min we were finally placed on a bus to take us to the terminal entrance (Took about 30 min later, P.S. CDG is HUGE!) But, no biggy we're on vacation.

After making our way through customs we finally met up with Lynn and Joanna (Referred to from now on as L&G). Unfortuently there trip was not as trouble free as ours. Air France seems to have lost their luggage, and worse, does not have any idea where it's at and no one has any energy to actually do anything (Think New Yorker attitude with an accent) .

Once we realized that it was absolutely pointless to stay at the airport our only course of action was to head to the apartment and hope that the luggage shows up...eventually

Upon entering the apartment I'm immediately reminded of how much Americans take little things like SPACE from granted. Once again I find myself in a world where Mini-Me would feel a little claustrophobic, LOL. Needless to say I feel like a bull in a china shop most of the time. But I'll get used to in a day or so. I will have pictures to emphasis's my point shortly.

Needless to say, after a restless night sleep and running all over the Airport trying to helping L&G find their luggage a name was definitely the first on the list.

At the moment, I have only a few pictures which I can not post right now. Of Course I left my link cable back in the states. Don't worry, I WILL get a cable tomorrow and post all the pictures we have accumulated so far ( and even some prior to the trip when Daniel stop by Richmond).

Well thats all for now, its 1am, and with the exception of a 1 1/2 hour nap I have had very little sleep for the past two days. Will give a better entry tomorrow.

-Peace from Paris (literally white flag peace).