Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Days

HELLO Everyone!

Sorry for my incredibly long sabbatical from the blog, work has kept me locked away in a very cold, dark, wet place for the past few week working on a few high priority projects. However, I"m baaackk!

And what better way to be come than to show off a new addition to my family. Last weekend my wife and I drove up to Maryland to get a new puppy as a playmate for Xena (our other dog). So, last Saturday we jumped in the jeep and headed north to Maryland.
As this point, I will impart on you guys some very helpful advice: Never, Ever, under ANY circumstances try to go anywhere near D.C. when the Cherry Blossoms are blooming. Apparently, every Tom, Dick, and Harry in a 5 state radius just HAS to make a pilgrimage to see the "wonderful" site. Now, not that I have anything against Cherry Blossoms I do think they are pretty, I just don't want to sit in traffic for 4 hours trying to get past D.C. And to make matters worse, the bi-directional HOV lane was going away from D.C. So while your sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, playing the horn like your a conductor in a symphony, you gaze across to the other side of the highway only to see 1) traffic zooming along at the speed , 2) Very Light traffic & 3) Only the occasional car in the HOV lane.....going the other way.

Anyway, I digress. With out further due, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of my family.. Ares.
Ares is a tri-color Australian shepherd who is turn 8 weeks old tomorrow and currently weights 9 pounds.

P.S. Going forward, I promise to start updating my blog on a stanard basis.