Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Poltically Correct BS

I have HAD IT! The politically Correct movement has gone absolutely too Far this time.

So I popped over to the BBC website today to see what the current news and headlines are across the pond. So I was reading through all the article headlines when it happened. Almost instantaneously my blood pressure shoots up faster than the NASA space shuttle on launch day, I get a stabbing pain in my head and an almost irresistible urge to gouge out my eyes and start running around the office screaming at the top of my lungs. What was the root cause of my midday meltdown.

" Three Little Pigs 'too offensive" in big bold letters.

I'll say it again, since I had to read it about 4 times just for it to sink in, the "Three little pigs too offense!" Are you F'ing kidding me?!?!?!?! What the hell can a story about three runt little bastards getting their house blown down by the big bad wolf could possible be offensive?!?! Apparently, if your are a Muslim the story of the three pigs could be just to much. The mere sight of these four legged pigs walking upright could simply be TOO much for your simpleton cognitive to properly comprehend and you will go out and blow..., that is, it will send you reeling about the horrible offensive material you have just read. The earth will end, brimstone will fall from the sky, get the point.

There comes and time when you have to say "enough is F'ing enough." I understand this particular even happened over seas, but it doesn't matter. Why is it that every religion, I repeat (emphatically) every single religion can get made fun of or offended...EXCEPT for the almighty Muslims. It's part of the world culture to poke fun, laugh and joke with and at our neighbors. Christians make fun of the Catholics for: the pope's freaking humongous hat, horribly boring masses and loooong weddings, the Christians think that gays can be converted and they HAVE to SAVE everyone, more need be said. However, Muslims are beyond reproach. Anything that has been written or published, recently, that could offend our Muslim brethren is redacted. We saw it with the danish cartoons, and countless other "Muslim Sensitive" publications. Every time, the Muslim countries rise up and call for blood. "Our religion has been offended, we have to kill them you scum!"
Or something equally as juvenile. Why does the world governments placate this kind of crap.
Let me ask you a question, if all the Atheist in the U.S. decided the were going to riot and demand blood every time they saw the word GOD, or when they couldn't buy Alcohol on Sunday because of the blue laws. Would we stand for such childish behavior, HELL NO! We would treate them like the childern they are portarying and either ignore or punish them. However, free speach is being squashed and walked on when it comes to Muslim opposition to publication of "Muslim Sensative" material. We need to stand up and say we will not take it anymore!
Look, there is no law, constitution, or unalienable right to not be offended. No matters if its about Religion, race, gender, etc. What makes us higher than primates on the evolutionary ladder is what we do after being offended. That is how society as a whole is defined and measure.

We, as a society, need to get back to a couple of basic principles:
1. If you don't like what someone says on a radio station: Turn the station and don't listen to them. Find someone you do like to listen too, or start speaking yourself (On a blog, radio, etc).
2. If you don't agree with certain broadcasts on TV, Don't watch them! Use the damn remote.
3. Don't operated under what I refer to as the "Illusion of Un-offendablity" , your going to be offended, period, deal with it. But, is it such a bad thing? It does make life interesting, and gives us lots of stories to tell.
4. Don't fear dissent (Dissenting views can lead to someone being offended). I would be terrible unhappy, and really really afraid, if I agreed with everyone. Dissent is what makes society work. Dissent makes progress possible. Every single great historical figure was a "dissenter" at one point in time or another. Don't be scared of it, encourage it, participate it in, you might like it. Healthy dissent is why we are the USA and not the Empire of England (or part of France, or Germany in later years). Jesus was , arguable, the Greatest dissenter of all time. Dissent can lead to Influence (sometimes only after you die). I could go on (and on, and on), but I digress.
5. The right for someone to express their opioin out weight your non-existent right to not be offended. I have chosen my next words very carefully, I absolutely HATE/WANT TO STRANGLE Hilary and/ or Bill Clinton. HOWEVER, I would fight tooth and nail with anyone who would try to silence either of them. I can't stand them, but I welcome their dissent.I might get disinherited for doing so (I joke, I joke), but I would not allow them, until my last breath I took, to be silenced. That's the biggest thing we are missing as a society. Just because you can not stand what someone else is saying or it offends you, is never reason enough to silence them. Because you could always be next.

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