Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ohh the Irony

So last week the Brady Campaign came out with their state-by-state "Score Card." Of course this "Score Card" was based on a number fascist factors:
"The Brady Scorecards are designed so that states can score up to 100 points across five major categories of laws:
Curbing Firearm Trafficking;
Strengthening Brady Background Checks;
Child Safety;
Banning Military-style Assault Weapons;
and making it harder to carry Guns In Public Places."

As you can see, it's pretty much A: How well do you infringe & restrict the 2nd Amendment, while not preventing crime, and disarming you citizens to be defenseless to criminals, all the while not doing a damn thing to help and protect your people, score card. Which most logical people would find, I hope, completely asinine.

Well, this didn't have quite the impact they were hopping for, at least one state.
Oklahoma. It seems that Oklahoma has been trying to lure a big gun manufacture to their state for quite some time now, and this report card has given them the "2nd Amendment protector credibility", since the scored a 2 our 100, they needed in order to live up to the hype. Now, I'm not sure about you, but this is absolutely F'ing hilarious to me. The Brady camp comes out with this score card as a smear tactic, and it actually helps the people they are trying to snub out. ROFL. I can't wait to hear the Brady camps reaction.

Check out the whole article here

On a side note, Gun manufactures should pay special attention to this report, and all these states that are making it so hard for them to do their job, they should just pack-it up and move to a state that will appreciate them. Why should they continue to be both: A huge source of revenue for the state & the state's number one target? It doesn't make sense. They are plenty of states, Oklahoma included, that would welcome the Gun Manufactures with open arms, and probably a few tax breaks.

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