Friday, August 24, 2007

Blizzard.....Please don't let us down

Warning, what you are about to read can be classified as EXTREMELY Nerdy, Geeky, [insert derogatory comment here] !!!!!You've been forewarned

Not to long ago Blizzard finally made many of our (nerds) dreams come true with the announcement of STARCRAFT II. Admittedly, I was "Star Struck" with all the Protoss units they have already planned and can not wait to see all of the units that they have not told us about. Today I discorvered the newly release Terran units were posted, my first reaction was: " MOTHER OF GOD" (Cheesey quote, I know). While most of the new Terran unit seem absolutely destinied to be useful, balanced and down and low ass kickers, I had to ask myself "HOW THE HELL DID STAR SCREAM GET HIS OWN UNIT?" I'll be one of the first nerd to admit my profound fondness for transformers (The movie was BAD ASS), as I'm sure most of us would, but Coome'ON. Blizzard employees some of the most intelligent and creative devs in the world. And what do we get as the great new air unit? A transformer's rip-off of star scream! Yes I know most of you love star scream, and think that it going to be awesome and that blizzard has never let us down. I agree they have never let down the gamers that love them, they have never made a game that wasn't awesome, hell most of them are still played even 10+ years afters their initial release. I just expected more from the best developers the world has to offer than a blatant rip-off of a well know nerd ICON like star scream.


CyberSimian said...

For the record blizzard's style has always been to subtly and not so subtly place icons from various other nerd sectors into their games. Case in point the drop ships from SC that quoted word for word the lines of the drop ship pilots from the film "Aliens".

It is by no means a lack of creativity that drives blizzard to insert these bits of foreign nerd paraphernalia into their games. It is their culture to do so.

Having said this, my concern does linger with you however on the prospect of the second coming of Starcraft. Though the track record is flawless as of yet, I would place the paramount task of topping the greatest RTS of all time with a sequel above any they have conquered. Blizzard's ability to continually surprise and awe me is unquestioned, but can even a superior game be more beloved than one with whom an entire generation of players has suckled upon?

Esaba[CZ] said...

I here your concern, however, if you have not taken the time to download Blizzards game demo, I did so last night after my star scream rant, is a must do. After watching the demo and seeing how the new star craft is shaping up, I'm not sure if I can contain my pure elation any longer...*sigh*. But I will have too.

On a side note, I concede that you are correct about blizzard using nerd paraphernalia in their games. I'm sure they will not let us down.

Shaun said...

I admit I am anxious/nervous about Starcraft 2. AS others have said: it's following in the footsteps of, arguably, the GREATEST RTS of all time. I trust BLizzard, they shelved TWO games because they didn't meet their Standards of Quality. If anyone can do it, Blizz can.

But I am still anxious.