Sunday, August 26, 2007

That Guy is my HERO!

WHO says that there is an age limit on how long someone, man or woman, can be a professional athlete?

Randy Couture is showing the entire Mixed Martial Arts World that getting old doesn’t mean you can’t Kick ASS. After watching him completely dominate his younger challenger, Gabriel Gonzaga, this past Saturday night I don’t think there is anyone in the UFC’s heavy weigh division that is going to stop him anytime soon. This guy is MY HERO! Randy proves that just because you are getting older it doesn’t mean you have to trade in your spurs for a Shuffle board CUE; you just might need a little longer to heal.

If you haven’t already, check out some of Randy Couture’s fights; I would recommend starting with his last few fights in the heavy weight division: Couture vs. Silva & Couture vs. Gonzaga. He is on the most aggressive, technically sound and most entertaining fighters the sport (Mixed Martial Arts) has to offer. He is a true ambassador for the UFC and role model for a next generation.

For more information on the UFC and Randy Couture goto:

Ultimate Fighting Championship
Sherdog - MMA News Website


Shaun said...

That fight was AMAZING. Before sitting down to watch it, I had NO IDEA he was 44 years old. He completely destroyed Gonzaga.

May he keep kicking ass for years to come.

Shaun said...

And just for the record, Couture looks EXACTLY like Bruce Willis. I kept laughing last night because it felt like I was watching his character from Die Hard beat the shit out of someone.

CyberSimian said...

Woohoo both of your readers commented on the same post!!! I love readin em, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

That fight was awesome! That dude has got major heart. I knew he wouldnt stay gone long.