Friday, August 24, 2007

Joining the Herd

Yes, I admit it, I too have now joined the majority of my friends and have created a blogspot. I suppose I just felt left out being the only one that didn't have some sort of blog or Myspace page. I guess, I too can now convince myself that people actually read about what I have to say and will visit my blog on a consecutive basis. Yes, I know I'm being cynical.

I'm sure I will add more to this site before the day is over.

Say turned for more rants and raves about whats happening in the world today.


Shaun said...

Goooood....goooood....I can feel the geek welling up inside you. Finish your blog and your journey to the Dark Side shall be complete!

Anonymous said...

Your a Fag!

Love Dad

Just kiding......not really.....ok really. :)

Houston said...

I agree with Dad, what a homo. I still haven't jumped on the blog bandwagon. I am a free thinker...but damn you lured me into yours and Shaun's...brain cells dying! Btw, after the rant about Ron Paul, you said don't take your work for it, might want to fix that.

Esaba[CZ] said...
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Esaba[CZ] said...

LOL, Quite lying you didn't have that many brain cells to begin with after 4 years in the armed services, LOL. J/K.

Also, how was that a rant about Ron Paul? I ranted about allot of political issues, and only briefly mentioned Ron Paul.

P.S. Thanks for the type correction.